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شعبه پسران: یافت آباد، شهرک ولیعصر، خیابان شهیدان بهرامی، جنب بانک صادرات، پلاک 161

شعبه دختران: یافت آباد، شهرک ولیعصر، خیابان شهید به خیال، پلاک ۱۲

شعبه مهد زبان و پیش دبستانی: یافت آباد، شهرک ولیعصر، خیابان شهیدان بهرامی ، جنب بانک مسکن، جنب خانه بازی شهر سلطان، پلاک ۲۲۰

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If you want to write a good test then get into a study group

An important part of learning the English language and getting better at it over time is examinations and tests, which are designed to measure how much you know about any given level of English profitiency. In order to develop a good strategy for writing a test, everyone needs to know how they best studying for it. In other words, you have to know yourself during exam time. The next step after that is to develop a strategy for writing a good test. Some people are good at studying in the morning. Other people can study much better at night. As well, there are preferences about studying alone or in a group. If you are someone who can and must study in a group in order to increase his/her chances of writing a really good test, then this article is for you. Develop your strategy around a study group and keep it that way. This is, by far, the best way to study for any test and there are different people with different sets of knowledge. One way to really get into study groups is to divide all the material between the members of that group and then come back together, once everyone has done their readings, and teach each other particular sections of the test. After teaching each other, it is time to ask questions. Once questions start flying off everyone’s mind, then one question can answer all. That is because everyone within the study group can have tones of questions but once one person gets a question answered, then everyone has as well and there is no need for that question to be found individually. That saves lots of time and the group can tell which questions are more important than others based on the types of questions that come up. Further, when one person is really good then he/she can help the rest or the weakest member with improving their abilities by using much less energy and time. That is because talking about a test can really calm people down and insights can be shared in a flash, while, individually, everyone has to do their own work alone and there is no chance to know if you are unaware of something, if there is no one to point it out to you. After all, humans do much better at almost anything if they belong to groups. Through that experiences and knowledge can be shared at the speed of light.

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