فرق بین (much) و (many)

فرق بین (much) و (many)

Much: فقط با اسمهای غیر قابل شمارش و با فعل مفردهمراه است و در جملات مثبت، منفی و سوالی بکار برده می شود ولی بهتر است که در جملات مثبت از کلمات (plenty of) و یا (a lot of) استفاده نمود.

Many: فقط با اسمهای قابل شمارش و با فعل جمع همراه است و در جملات مثبت، منفی و سوالی بکار برده می شود ولی بهتر است در جملات مثبت از کلمات (a lot of) استفاده کرد.

.I don’t have much money with me
.How many children do you have
.”Got any money? “Not much
.How much water do you need
.You can’t have one each. We haven’t got many
(?How much is it? (=what does it cost
.There are too many mistakes in this essay
.I don’t have much free time
.Even if one person is hurt that is one too many
.We don’t have very many copies left
.It was one of my many mistakes
.Many people feel that the law should be changed
.Take as much time as you like
.New drivers have twice as many accidents as experienced drivers

.There was so much traffic that we were an hour late
.I’ve got far too much to do
.Many of those present disagreed
.I’ve known her for a great many (=very many) years
.”Is there any mail? “Not much
.I lay awake for much of the night
.There was much discussion about the reasons for the failure
.Do you have much free time
.He made ten mistakes in as many (=in ten) lines
.How much experience have you had

تمرین: جواب صحیح کدام است؟

 .He has not (many-much) money

.There is not (many-much) food in the house

 .Are there (many-much) books in the library

.How (many-much) times a day do you go to the mosque

 .How (many-much) time do you need to do it

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